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We are developing customized management software for companies in all industries. Our applications use the FileMaker platform and work on both Windows and Mac computers. In these applications, we can create light layouts to be visible on iPad or iPhone.

Every day, your company accumulates data concerning clients, estimates, invoices, the time-sheets, inventory and so on. You make predictions of resources and costs. You manage the tasks to be performed by each employee. You also analyze the progress of the projects and their profitability.

We develop software tailored to your needs, so you can manage all of this data and find it right away when you need it.




About US

Our developers have extensive experience in the analysis and the design of relational databases. Throughout their professional career, they have developed and implemented major projects for clients in services, health, industry and metallurgy.

Our developers are certified with FileMaker Certified Developer 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8.


With more than 20 years experience in developing relational database applications, including more than 10 years on the FileMaker platform, Daniel has decided to take new challenges and founded this company.
The attention to details and the quality of the work have always satisfied the customers requirements, which makes Solutions IT Amiral inc. to impose as a leader in the development of FileMaker management applications in Montreal.
Daniel Deschênes
Daniel Deschênes
Analyst Developer

Managed IT Services Partner

For your network management and IT support needs we entrust our clients to our trusted partner AD3R Info. Strongly established for more than 15 years, AD3R Info offers a complete range of services for the management of your IT equipment.
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